Amater bike racing – it’s time to make step forward

Cycling is old and well-known all around the globe. However, not many people imagine just not dull and envolving amateur races while talking about this sport. But why? In this article we will see that the times are changing and it’s the moment to make an emphasis on new racing trends.

Bike racing as amateur sport

For many years bike racing has been strongly associated with academic tournaments such as ones represented in the Olympic Games or in the best case – the most popular marathons as Tour de France or Giro d’Italia.
It seemed that no-one even paid attention to the evolution of amateur racing. Actually, it’s completely incorrect for many reasons. For instance, private non-professional races are important because:

  1. social importance;
    The racing events are pretty and crucially necessary for making and transforming the society’s consciousness. Due to such arrangements the idea of a healthy lifestyle can be adapted and promoted among people.
    Also it’s important for the growing younger generation, giving them the right example on how to find life values.
    And, for sure, in the atmosphere of friendly chatting and being engaged in something common, racers are free to find new acquaintances and socialize.
  2. health influence;
    Besides promotion of the healthy lifestyle, due to hard physical activities and constant keeping fit, non-professional cycling competitions influence the state of shape (not just body look) of many people. The more amateurs take part in racing, the more people become healthier and happier.
  3. independence;
    As professional sportsmen devote their life to sport, bike racing is the career for them, so athletes are forced to live by strict rules. The amateur cycling doesn’t demand such a sacrifice, thus let racers feel free and enjoy biking whenever and wherever they want.
    By the way, the lucrative opportunities, which professional cycling gives, such as betting, are available here too.
    Now you can easily bet on the outcome or the winner of some race, the winner of the tournament stage or the winner of the whole competition of any private arrangement. For sure, it’s quite difficult to find bookmaker’s racing offers, but, as a rule, the stakes are accepted then and there.

Which non-professional bike racing events to consider?

You can find lots of good arrangements today, but one of the best and well-reputed is The Fat Bike World Championship. The organizers set races for six years already and even the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t interfere with them.
In 2021 the events were held too, in particular, The Fat Bike Cornhole, The Race Day, The Vendor Expo, The Geared Up Bikes Group Ride have been set recently in January. All the coronavirus protection measures were taken.

Moreover, if you wanna participate in races in future, you should know that there are four main types of competitions:

  • World Championship Race (long distance);
  • The Sport (a little shorter one);
  • The Vanhelga (middle distance);
  • High School (the special race for kids).
  • There you will find more delicious fat food and drinks as well as positive emotions.

So is it really time for ‘new’ bike racing?

Of course, it is. Sport is an essential part of our life and we should care about making it more popular and accessible.