Step by step – bike racing manual (plus brief betting review)

If you like to ride a bicycle and want to stay in good shape, then cycling is your choice. Such training has many advantages, it is suitable for absolutely all ages, it does not have a shock load on the spine and knees, such as when running or jumping.

How to start bike racing?

First of all, for cycling, you need to choose the right bicycle. It should adapt to your height and body type. It’s crucial to adjust the saddle correctly, as a rule, most saddles have three configurations: height, inclination and longitudinal adjustment. Remember that you have to feel comfortable, otherwise, after a few minutes of riding, you will feel bad. Such cycling can seriously injure the spine.

TOP beginner’s tips for bike racing training

To do everything correctly follow the following tips:

  • drink more water to stay hydrated;
  • make a training plan and set a goal (but it’s better to ask a trainer to do this and control the process);
  • do not overexert, increase the speed and load gradually;
  • choose the right equipment;
  • Look for a special cycling uniform and shoes if you decide to do sport seriously.
  • prefer group riding;
  • rest well between workouts, you don’t need to squeeze the most out of strenuous daily activities and stress the body;
  • check the bicycle before the competition;
  • Brakes, screws and air pressure on the wheels must be checked. It’s necessary for your own safety.
  • be careful, watch out and always follow traffic rules.

Also if you plan to participate in a bicycle race, a triathlon or want to attend an orientation competition, then you need to train your endurance.

Where can you practice bike racing?

Of course, in order to succeed and train properly, you must first contact a trainer.
If you already have cycling experience and want to test your strength, take part in amateur cycling races, for example, in The Fat Bike World Championship. The organizators have already set the events for six years and this year the arrangements were set in Pinedale, Wyoming. Everything is provided to make ‘fatties’ chilled out and full of new impressions. After events there are always afterparties with tasty fat food and alcohol drinks. By the way, the awarding for the winners is also included.

The main types of races are:

  • The World Championship Race – the longest one of 3 laps, 24 miles;
  • The Sport – a shorter one of 2 laps for a total of 16 miles;
  • The Vanhelga – a special costumed 18-mile one;
  • The High School – a kids’ one.
  • Taking into consideration Covid-19 situation, all safety measures are implied.

What about racing betting?

Besides joining The Fat Bike World Championship family and practicing, you can also try to make extra money while betting. It’s not the rule to bet on the participants, you can find new cycling fellows to keep an eye on professional academic competitions to bet on. The range of offers of bookmakers is too big not to try. Betting can also facilitate emotional relief.

So what can be said about cycling and betting on it?

It is a great way to exercise for a lifetime. When riding a bicycle, complete fitness, good health and, most importantly, endless pleasure are provided. Betting, at the same time, is a perfect way to rest and gain.